Particular attention is paid to qualitative aspects of the single works: The Quality Control department boasts expert personnel and the collaboration whit external leader companies.
All works and special qualified process are controlled by written procedure.
The company has a special site for sandblasting and painting where qualified personnel and are able to carry out any type of protective treatment the customer requests always with the guarantee of numerous process controls. The Officine Brugiotti thanks to handling, available working and storing capacities plus the facility of road and port links, are also able to manufacture large scale carpentry as well as the shipment of the same to the final destination.

Officine Brugiotti S.r.l.
Sede Legale: Via Catone, 15 - 00192 Roma
Sede operativa: Strada Teverina, 58- 01100 Viterbo - Italy
P.I./C.F. 01374760567