Company Profile
Officine Brugiotti srl operating for over 100 years in the field of structural steel.
Until the mid-eighties the company was oriented to the construction and assembly of the prefabricated metal, for agricultural and industrial use.

The company thanks to 'start in the province of shipbuilding works related to national energy plan, enhanced and consolidated purchasing technical and organizational capabilities aimed at the energy sector, a field in which the Officine srl Brugiotti still working through collaborations with the most plant large companies worldwide.

Following dynamism and capacity for renewal have allowed us to expand the market and raise the quality of the productions as well as the importance of customers.

Officine Brugiotti develop an area of property of approximately 22000 square meters of which approximately 7000 square meters and 500 square meters for production offices.

Organizational chart

Officine Brugiotti S.r.l.
Sede Legale: Via Catone, 15 - 00192 Roma
Sede operativa: Strada Teverina, 58- 01100 Viterbo - Italy
P.I./C.F. 01374760567